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Deepdene Chiropractic Clinic, established in 1996, prides itself on delivering a friendly, knowledgeable and professional health care service.

 Visit our clinic in Deepdene for symptom management, rehabilitation and maintenance services.


Visit Deepdene Chiropractic Clinic for the treatment of headache, migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, sciatica and postural problems.


Clinic established by Dr Michael Crane in 1996.

Prides itself on offering the community a highly professional, time and cost effective, honest service.

Strongly emphasises the usage of current, evidence based information to support its techniques and recommendations.


Mon: 6am – 7pm

Tues: 6am – 12pm

Wed: 6am – 7pm

Fri: 6am – 1pm

Sat: 8am – 12pm

Private,  TAC,  Work Cover,  Veteran Affairs,

Medicare (EPC Plan)


Available to New Patients only.

The consultation will be as per normal, as if you were paying.

Easy way to assess practitioner & clinic with no financial commitment.

Involves a case history, physical examination, diagnosis and full treatment.

Subsequent visits charged as per normal (No plans, simply visit by visit).

Dr Michael Crane


Dr Michael Crane studied Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne. After completing the five-year, full time double degree course in 1996, he began practicing full-time as a Chiropractor in the inner eastern suburb of Hawthorn.

The types of patients that Michael treats are very broad; ranging from school age children to those in their senior years, pregnant women and athletes.

In 1999, Michael undertook further post graduate studies in Sports Chiropractic at RMIT Melbourne. This has enabled him to successfully deal with sports injuries to the spine and extremities. Many athletes from a very wide variety of disciplines and levels have become chiropractic patients of Michael and regularly see him to help with their sporting health.

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Deepdene Chiropractic Blog

Chiropractic News and Advice from Dr Michael Crane

July 30, 2019 in Blog

Postural Dysfunction in the Office

Postural Dysfunction by Dr Mike, Chiropractor Office workers would be foolish not to understand the negative impact sitting for extended periods of time has on your postural health. Unfortunately, many…

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August 15, 2017 in Blog

Free Initial Consultation in September

Hi all, For the month of September, I shall be offering free of charge, initial consultations for new patients to the clinic. Simply contact the clinic on 9 817 1800…

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October 6, 2016 in Blog

Its time for a Chiropractic check up when your…

Neck or back is clicking or grinding Neck doesn’t rotate evenly to each side Head is tilted forwards, backwards or to the side Shoulders look rounded Shoulder heights are not…

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