Why should you choose Deepdene Chiropractic Clinic?

There is huge diversity in practice styles between one chiropractic clinic and the next. As they are all not the same, it is crucial that you explore the characteristics of the clinic prior to booking in. This will help you avoid some potential disappointment.

Dr. Michael Crane is registered with AHPRA, the governing body for chiropractors and all other health care practitioners. These members are subjected to continuing education requirements, and must practice using the most recent scientific methods and approaches.

As a licensed primary health care provider, no referral is required from a medical practitioner for an appointment. Simply contact the chiropractic clinic directly.

If Dr. Crane cannot help you, he will tell you on the first visit and will refer you appropriately.

Initial consultations last for 30- 45 minutes and always include a treatment on the day.

Standard chiropractic consultations last 15-20 minutes.  You are not rushed and will have time to ask questions.

Dr. Crane prides himself on being on time. He is rarely behind any more than 5 minutes.

Consultations at Deepdene Chiropractic Clinic are always one on one, so you will have Dr. Crane’s complete attention.

Spinal adjustments or manipulation are delivered very gently and skillfully and are procedures that are only performed on the proviso that you feel comfortable receiving them. If you have a preference to not being manually adjusted, then realignment of your spine can certainly be achieved through other means, e.g. the activator or SOT techniques.

Chiropractic treatment also encompasses a variety of soft tissue techniques and stretching procedures during every consultation.

X-rays of your spine are not routinely taken. They will only be recommended if clinically necessary, and will incur no cost to you, as they are bulk billed using your Medicare card.

You will not be routinely pressured into some embarrassingly long-term program of repeated visits that you don’t need or want (although there are a small number of people who do require some serious work, hence heavy scheduling is warranted). Options will be provided and you choose which approach is appealing to you.

Maintenance visits or check-ups maybe recommended for some people, but once again, if you don’t wish to, then you don’t have to. We are comfortable with patients calling up on a needs basis.

Dr. Crane’s chiropractic treatment regime emphasises self-management strategies that will enable you to take control of your health problems, if possible. E.g. Exercise, ergonomic, postural and dietary.

Dr. Crane’s fees coincide closely with the association fee guidelines. They are very reasonable given the time spent with you in consultation and the quality of the service. The clinic is a ‘pay by the visit’ service. We don’t offer  yearly memberships.

If anyone is considering this clinic for some chiropractic care, but would like more information on particular matter, then please phone Dr. Crane (Mike) directly as he is always more than happy to help.

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