Furniture for Backs initially started out as a hobby but has transcended into a thriving business.

As a community Chiropractor, Michael wanted to assist his patients who suffered from injuries associated with the usage of poor furniture. That required a practitioner being both, clinically effective but knowledgeable in making accurate furniture recommendations. This latter point was inherently weak within the profession.

Michael decided to pursue further studies involving Ergonomics. His studies specifically focused on how furniture can be better designed to suit the human body. This specialist area of knowledge has been much sought after by the community at large.

In 2006, computer chairs were the first product category embraced. Within a couple of years, mattresses and pillows followed, then standing desks.

Furniture for Backs has a purpose-built showroom, that is joined with the Deepdene Chiropractic clinic. The service specializes in recommending furniture to those people who have an injury or a condition. However, the FFB products and service is also available for the regular person just wanting some furniture.



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