At Deepdene Chiropractic Clinic, patients come to us for the following chiropractic services:

Symptom Relief:

This is often the initial reason why a patient will contact our office. Common complaints, amongst others, include headache, migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, and sciatica. They may be unsure of whether or not chiropractic treatment will help. This is why we offer free postural and spinal screenings. If the patient is treated and symptoms have disappeared, care is either withdrawn as it is no longer required, or may continue as explained below.

To Rehabilitate or Correct Long Term Spinal Problems:

There are patients whom suffer from some form of underlying structural problem, that requires ongoing treatment, well after all the initial symptoms have disappeared. Chronic spinal conditions such as long term postural problems are very prevalent in our community. Not only are they aesthetically unpleasant, they often lead to early spinal degenerative change, or wear and tear. This form of corrective chiropractic care is effective in preventing relapses. Once rehabilitated, care can be withdrawn, or care may continue as explained below

Proactive Maintenance:

Periodic chiropractic treatment is provided to patients for a wide variety of reasons, and differs for each person. It is often suggested as a form of prevention for those whose spinal health regularly declines after a certain period of time.  If a chiropractic visit is implemented just prior to that anticipated relapse, the patient remains healthy. An appointment may be required perhaps, monthly or quarterly, depending on the case. Reasons include:

  • Those whom possess an incurable spinal degenerative disc problem, congenital anomaly, previous orthopaedic surgery, history of serious trauma.
  • Ongoing stressful lifestyles.
  • Repetition associated with your occupation eg, all day sitting at a computer, or heavy lifting.
  • A combination of the above, amongst others.

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