What happens in a Chiropractic appointment?

Upon your arrival at the Deepdene Chiropractic Clinic reception, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’ll be required to fill out the customary ‘patient information form’, which takes around 10 minutes. This is comprised of your personal details, your medical history, your current general health state, followed by information related to why you are visiting e.g. headache, neck pain or low back pain etc.

Once completed, Dr Michael Crane will take you through to his treatment room. He can then review your information. He may ask you a few more questions to clarify the information you have provided and get a clear understanding of the problem.

A physical examination will need to be performed combining a range of chiropractic tests and some orthopaedic and neurological procedures. In most cases, there is no need to disrobe. Not often, but occasionally, a gown is required.

Once completed, Michael will in most cases be able to provide to you an explanation regarding your specific complaint / problem. You have an opportunity to ask questions and become informed about your case. At times, radiology is required. This could mean an x-ray, ultrasound or MRI etc. The combination of all this information helps determine your diagnosis, whether presumptive or definitive, and the best chiropractic treatment recommendation.

Michael can discuss the proposed chiropractic care plan which includes treatment techniques, frequency of visits and your specific goals. Treatment alternatives, risks of care and risks of non-care are also discussed.

If it appears that chiropractic care is a good option, then treatment can be provided to you straight away. All treatments vary, but a typical treatment will incorporate some form of manipulative therapy and a range of soft tissue techniques. Michael will generally provide you with some home based advice that has postural, exercise or ergonomic considerations. If chiropractic care is not recommended, then Michael will certainly suggest this. An alternative recommendation will be suggested.

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