Make The Most Of Local Sports

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Local sports and activities

As summer approaches and Covid-19 restrictions are eased, now is a great time to make the most of the physical and social benefits that can come from local recreational sports! Participation in local sports has been shown to help people be healthier, happier and more productive, whilst also bringing the local community together and benefiting the local economy.

Local Football BalwynAs a chiropractor with 25 years experience, and avid sports lover, I have worked with an array of local sporting clubs in the Balwyn, Kew, Canterbury, Camberwell and Hawthorn areas. In fact, I was recently surprised to learn that there is over 165 different sporting facilities in the Boroondara area alone, which cater to the enormous amount of sporting groups and organisations throughout the area. With such a selection of sports, recreational activities and clubs to choose from, there is something for everybody of every age, and all health conditions.

This means that there is bound to be a local sport, or activity, which can get you up and outside to enjoy a bit of sunshine, as exercise is essential for our overall health and well-being, and recreational sports are a great way to achieve this whilst having some fun, and meeting people in the process.

Of course, there may be some people that are worried about the risk of injury that comes with sports, but the truth is – a sedentary lifestyle is far worse for your health than the risk that comes from playing sport! During my career I’ve treated many local athletes in Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis, and I have been privileged to be associated with the Canterbury Cobras Football Club, the Balwyn Tigers Football Team, the Canterbury Cricket Club and the Hawthorn Basketball Association.
Although injuries can happen for those that play sport, someone who plays sport or engages in regular physical activity will always be healthier than someone that does not, and injury prevention and management is just as essential for successful athletes as it is for the average-joe.

So what are you waiting for?
Click on some of the links in this post to learn what some of the local sports are offered in the Boroondara area, and get yourself active this summer! And, if you do find yourself injured or are worried about whether you should participate in local sports, then book online for an appointment to come in and chat with us. Your body will thank you for it!

Returning to the gym after lockdown

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Back pain at the gym

A lot of people will be excited to return to the gym with covid lockdown restrictions easing, but we would just like to stress the importance of  easing in to it, and building up the weight slowly instead of trying to lift heavy straight away. If you’ve had to resort to body weight exercises or light weight resistance training (like me), your body will have deconditioned, meaning that it has lost the ability to tolerate the weight you used to do. This means that if you go back to the gym and start trying to lift heavy weight again, you leave yourself susceptible to injuries like tendinitis, strains and more.

The good thing is that you do not have to lift heavy weights, or be extremely sore the next day to reap the benefits of the gym. We recommend reducing the intensity/load of your workouts by about 60% at first, and gradually building back up with time. Initially it will be important to focus on your form as the time off may have led to you becoming less efficient with the correct movement pattern of the exercise. Over each week if you feel stable and confident raise the intensity by around 10%.

It may also help in the first few weeks to make sure you leave a couple reps in reserve, meaning that when you finish the set that you would be able to do a few more if you needed to. With that in mind, remember to enjoy your workouts as there are so many physical and mental benefits to using the gym!

Furthermore, if you’d like more exercise advice, or find yourself injured or sore due to your return to the gym or life’s everyday activities, then make sure you book into the clinic for a treatment.

Until the next post, stay healthy!